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A Year In Photos - Day 103 - Domesticity

Corporate Snoopy
I'm home!!! And absolutely thrilled about it. I came home early and surprised Mike. It was wonderful. We all hugged and laughed and were just happy to be together. Once I got home I got to work being domestic. We went to breakfast and then went to Lowe's to pick out paint for the girls' room. They couldn't decide on a color so they each picked one and I'm going to have to try to work them together. It's pink and teal. I think I can do it without it looking crazy, but it could take some working.

We dropped the girls off at Delora's around 2 and then went shopping. We got groceries for the week, a coat hook, and stopped at Ubberhaus to see if there was anything there we might like. No such luck at Ubberhaus though. We WILL find a bed frame, someday. I hope.

I made dinner, chicken lettuce wraps. I used a copy cat recipe of the PF Chang's version and it was awesome. I used some of the peppers from our garden in it too. While dinner was cooking I roasted some of the tomatoes from our garden and made some sauce for dinner tomorrow. It hasn't even been seasoned yet and it's already yummy. We also got some more peppers from the garden and hung them up to dry.

I'm now going to spend the evening watching True Blood and Bullshit! I am so glad to be home.

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